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* **Hosted by:** [Tracy Harms]( (@kaleidic)
* **Description:** I will introduce the J programming language through simple patterns of syntax that are fundamental and pervasive. This will both illuminate function-level array programming for those who just want to peek at the paradigm, and aid those who wish to explore this language further.
* **Time:** 30 minutes
-* **Interest:** @mfeathers @briantrice @fogus @trptcolin @hby @puffnfresh @jimduey @shajra @quoll @pqmodn @airolson @psnively @gereedy @andreypopp @karlinfox @silentbicycle @reiddraper @frankvilhelmsen @codeslinger @burke @feyeleanor
+* **Interest:** @mfeathers @briantrice @fogus @trptcolin @hby @puffnfresh @jimduey @shajra @quoll @pqmodn @airolson @psnively @gereedy @andreypopp @karlinfox @silentbicycle @reiddraper @frankvilhelmsen @codeslinger @burke @feyeleanor @stevej
<a name="mongodb"/>
## MongoDB
@@ -131,7 +131,7 @@ This session will discuss techniques for using region-based storage management i
* **Hosted by:** @psnively
* **Description:** Folks curious about formal logic, formal proof, mathematics, certified software development, software that's "correct by construction," the "Curry-Howard Isomorphism," and lots of other really weird terminology and want to explore the Coq proof assistant are invited to join those of like mind at Strange Loop 2012!
* **Time:** 1 hour or however long folks are willing to stick around.
-* **Interest:** @psnively @fogus @shajra @kaleidic @redline6561 @quoll @pqmodn @gereedy @puffnfresh @airolson @pillarist @paf31 @andreypopp @silentbicycle @reiddraper @egarson @burke @marcsaegesser @donkeyhotty
+* **Interest:** @psnively @fogus @shajra @kaleidic @redline6561 @quoll @pqmodn @gereedy @puffnfresh @airolson @pillarist @paf31 @andreypopp @silentbicycle @reiddraper @egarson @burke @marcsaegesser @donkeyhotty @stevej
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## Language Design for Learning
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