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@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@ Jonathan Hsieh, Software Engineer at Cloudera and committer for the Apache HBase
* **Description:** A global garbage-collected heap is not an ideal way to manage storage in the presence of heavy parallelism. Region-based storage management (cf. "Cyclone", "ParaSail") provides an attractive alternative, with better locality of reference, trivial automatic reclamation, and less thread interference.
This session will discuss techniques for using region-based storage management in the context of a parallel language, in lieu of, or in addition to global garbage collection.
* **Time:** 60 minutes
-* **Interest:** @redline6561 @codeslinger @jamie_allen @gereedy @andreypopp @silentbicycle @reiddraper @cwestin63 @heathborders @spankyq @feyeleanor
+* **Interest:** @redline6561 @codeslinger @jamie_allen @gereedy @andreypopp @silentbicycle @reiddraper @cwestin63 @heathborders @spankyq @feyeleanor @stevej
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## Go in the Strange Loop - Lightning Talks and Hack Session
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