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Strange Loop Unsession on Hacking Education

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Hacking Education Summary

Online tools

  • Kahn academy
  • EPGY
  • supplements for education
  • Alternative math education

Issues in school

  • mistakes in curriculum
  • dealing with boredom
  • interaction issues
  • learning styles

Teaching Hackers Summary

Different tools

  • Books
    • Manning's Hello Python book
      • Written in the style of kids
    • _why's guide
      • Some questionable content
    • Snake wrangler's python book
  • Scratch
    • Visual programming environment
      • Came out of MIT
      • Built on top of Smalltalk
      • Put together components
        • Loop components
    • Draw pictures on the canvas
    • Animate
    • Change Costumes
  • Logo
  • Pine?
    • @ultrasaurus
  • Snap Circuits
    • Grid of components snappable
  • Something based on Racket
  • Pair Programming
    • Kids seem to be doing more collaborative work now
    • @coty mentioned that his older and younger children would "pair" in Scratch with the younger drawing scenes and sprites and then asking the older to animate.
  • Minecraft
  • Caesar cyphers
  • Google App Maker - Android
  • Google Blockly
  • Kodu
    • XBox graphical environment
  • Supercollider
    • Music app
  • Khan Academy - Processing.js course


  • keeping kids engaged
  • do less to get something interesting running
  • gap in learning styles


  • port Scratch to HTML5
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