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This is the "drip feed content" module for Paid Memberships Pro.
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=== Paid Memberships Pro - Series Add On ===
Contributors: strangerstudios
Tags: series, drip feed, serial, delayed, limited, memberships
Requires at least: 4
Tested up to: 5.0.3
Stable tag: .4

Create "Series" which are groups of posts/pages where content is revealed to members over time. This is the "drip feed content" module for Paid Memberships Pro.

== Description ==
This plugin currently requires Paid Memberships Pro.

How this plugin works:

1. There will be a new "Series" tab in the Memberships menu of the WP dashboard.
2. Admins can create a new "Series".
3. Admins can add a page or post to a series along with a # of days after signup.
4. Admins can add a series to a membership level.
5. Admins can adjust the email template via an added page to their active theme.


1. User signs up for a membership level that gives him access to Series A.
2. User gets access to any "0 days after" series content.
3. Each day a script checks if a user should gain access to any new content, if so:
- User is given access to the content.
- An email is sent to the user letting them know that content is available.

Checking for access:
* Is a membership level required?
* If so, does the user have one of those levels?
* Is the user's level "assigned" to a series?
* If so, does the user have access to that content yet? (count days)
* If not, then the user will have access. (e.g. Pro members get access to everything right away.)

Checking to send emails:
* For all members with series levels.
* What day of the membership is it?
* For all series.
* Get content.
* Send content for this day.
* Email update.

Data Structure
* Series is a CPT
* Use wp_pmpro_memberships_pages to link to membership levels
* wp_pmpro_series_content (series_id, post_id, day) stored in post meta

== Installation ==

1. Upload the `pmpro-series` directory to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory of your site.
1. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
1. Navigate to the Series menu in the WordPress dashboard to create a new series.
1. Add posts to series using the "Posts in this Series" meta box under the post content.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= I found a bug in the plugin. =

Please post it in the issues section of GitHub and we'll fix it as soon as we can. Thanks for helping.

== Changelog ==

= .4 =
* BUG FIX: Fixed issues that came up if PMPro was not active.
* BUG FIX: Fixes issues when running certain versions of PHP.
* BUG FIX: Fixed issue where users couldn't access pages that were part of a deleted series. (Thanks, Thomas Sjolshagen)
* BUG FIX/ENHANCEMENT: Works with Gutenberg and PMPro 2.0+ now.
* BUG FIX/ENHANCEMENT: You can now add posts into a series before saving/refreshing a new post.
* BUG FIX/ENHANCEMENT: Fixed menu_icon for Series CPT to use dashicons-clock in place of custom image.
* BUG FIX/ENHANCEMENT: Updated to the latest version of select2.
* BUG FIX/ENHANCEMENT: Using current_time('timestamp') instead of time(). (Thanks, Thomas Sjolshagen)
* ENHANCEMENT: Wrapped strings for translation and added French language files. (Thanks, Charlie Merland)
* ENHANCEMENT: Added pmpros_days_left_message, pmpros_content_access_message_single_item, and pmpros_content_access_message_many_items filters to filter the text shown in certain cases via hooks. (Thanks, Curtis McHale)
* ENHANCEMENT: Added pmpros_new_content_subject filter. (Thanks, Curtis McHale)
* ENHANCEMENT: Improved styling of the series list.
* ENHANCEMENT: Updating to add support for the Email Templates Admin Editor Add On.

= .3.7 =
* Fixed new content email cron to remember which posts members were notified of.

= .3.6 =
* Updated format of the notification email. Will now send 1 email with a list of all new content instead of 1 email for each post.

= .3.5 =
* Added pmpros_series_registration filter to change PMPro Series post type settings. e.g.

= .3.4 =
* Can now use custom email templates for new content notifications. (.../your_theme/paid-memberships-pro/series/new_content.html)
* Fixed bug in code that adds links to series posts in the member links section of the membership account page.
* Fixed bug with Day 0 content if timezones/etc aren't lined up on server/site.
* Changed series list to show dates of availability instead of "on day X".

= .3.3 =
* Now showing the date content in a series will become available instead of the number of days.
* Fixed bug where pmpros_check_for_new_content() function was not being fired by the cron.

= .3.2 =
* Fixed a warning. (Thanks, Karmyn)

= .3.1 =
* Fixed some warnings. (Thanks, Virtualced)
* Added pmpros_series_labels filter

= .3 =
* Added account page links
* Added emails when new content is available

= .2.3.1 =
* Fixed bug in pmpro_getMemberDays that sometimes reported more days than the user had really been a member. (Thanks, surefireweb)

= .2.3 =
* Added pmpro_member_startdate filter to pmpro_getMemberStartdate function.

= .2.2 =
* Flushing rewrite rules on activation and deactivation so /series/ URLs work without having to update permalink settings.
* Added pmpro_series_get_post_list filter.

= .2.1 =
* Fixed a warning message (Thanks, moneysharp on the forums.)

= .2 =
* Styled the post list on a series page.
* Hiding the post list if a user doesn't have access to the series page.
* Hiding links to posts user doesn't have access to yet due to delay.
* Fixed bug with editing the first post in the series.
* Now allowing 0 day content. Forcing delay (and post ids) to be integers.

= .1.1 =
* Fixed code for hasAccess logic.
* Updating the message shown when a user doesn't have access.
* Fixed edit link in the "Posts in this Series" meta box.

= .1 =
* This is the initial version of the plugin.
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