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0. Homepage

1. Instalation


  Download code file (berusky-version.src.rpm) and data file (berusky-data-version.src.rpm)
  and rebuild them for your distribution (you may have to be root):

  $rpmbuild --rebuild berusky-version.src.rpm
  $rpmbuild --rebuild berusky-data-version.src.rpm

  Install them (as root) from /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/your_arch by:
  $rpm -ihv berusky-*.rpm


  Instalation of berusky code:

  Download berusky-version.tar.gz and extract it and rebuild by:

  $tar xzf berusky-version.tar.gz
  $cd berusky-version

  Install by:

  $su             (you have to enter the root password here)
  #make install

  Instalation of berusky data-file:

  Download berusky-data-version.tar.gz and extract it:
  $tar xzf berusky-data-version.tar.gz

  Install it (as root):  

2. Configuration

  All configuration is stored at ~/.berusky/berusky.ini or 
  /var/games/berusky/berusky.ini. You can switch fulscreen/windows mode, 
  number of colors and game directories there.

3. Game run

  berusky                - runs main game
  berusky -u test.lv3    - runs user level named "test.lv3"
  berusky -e             - runs editor
  berusky -e test.lv3    - runs editor and loads level "test.lv3" for editing

4. Game Rules

  In order to leave each level it is necessary to own five keys and also
  to have a free way to the exit.

  You will be meeting miscellaneous game elements while completing individual
  missions, we will try to explain their meaning now.

  Box             - It is possible to push it.
  Explosive       - Can destroy the boxes.

  Key             - You need five of them.
  Exit            - A gate to next level.

  Stone           - Can be broken by a pickax.
  Pickax          - A tool for stone crushing.

  Color key       - Used to unlock color door, only a bug with identical 
                    color can pick them up.
  Color door      - Can be opened by the respective color key only.

  Color gate-way  - Only a bug with identical color is allowed to go
                    through. Boxes cannot be pushed through.

  One-pass door   - Can be used only once, then they close them off 
                    and there's no way to open them.

  Other elements not listed here are just walls, which have no interesting
  properties. They cannot be push away nor it is possible 
  to break them anywise.

5. Game keys

  Arrows       - Move selected bug
  SHIFT+Arrows - Fast bug movements

  Tabulator    - Switch among the bugs

  1            - Choose the first bug
  2            - Choose the second bug
  3            - Choose the third bug
  4            - Choose the fourth bug
  5            - Choose the fifth bug

  N            - change the music (not implemented yet)
  D            - start recording a demo (not implemented yet)
  CTRL+X       - quit quickly

  F1           - In game help
  F2           - Save level
  F3           - Load level

6. Editor keys

  CTRL+1  - on/off grid/background image
  CTRL+2  - on/off floor layer
  CTRL+3  - on/off items layer
  CTRL+4  - on/off players layer

  1       - select floor layer
  2       - select items layer
  3       - select players layer
  4       - select all layer

  B       - change background image 

  CTRL+N  - new level

  F2      - save
  CTRL+F2 - save as
  F3      - load
  F9      - run level
  ESC     - end

  CTRL+U  - undo  

  SHIFT+R - rotation of selected item
  CTRL+S  - level shader


  first mouse button      - insert selected item
  third mouse button      - clear selected cell

  R + mouse wheel         - rotation of item in level
  V + mouse wheel         - variation of item in level

  F + first mouse button  - fill rectangle with selected item
  D + first mouse button  - draw rectangle with selected item

  F + third mouse button  - clear solid rectangle with selected item
  D + third mouse button  - clear empty rectangle with selected item