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A Python Piskvork template

pbrain-pyrandom is the technical core of a "brain" (AI) for Piskvork gomoku manager used in Gomocup AI tournament, written in Python.

The code is basically the "Python copy" of C++ template written by Petr Lastovicka. This README is also partially copy of the C++ template's README.

Prerequisites and compilation

The Piskvork manager is a Win32 application and currently supports only Win32 compatible .exe files (furthermore whose name starts with pbrain- prefix). There are several ways how to create .exe from Python files.

Here I present the approach using PyInstaller and Windows command line:

  1. Install Windows (or Wine for Linux, originally the project was created and tested on Ubuntu 16.04 using Wine)
  2. Install Python (the code and also following instructions were tested with versions 2.7 and 3.6).
  3. Install pywin32 Python package: pip.exe install pypiwin32 (if not present "by default")
  4. Install PyInstaller: pip.exe install pyinstaller

To compile the example, use the following command line command:

cd C:\path\where\the\files\were\saved
pyinstaller.exe --name pbrain-pyrandom.exe --onefile

Note: the executables pip.exe and pyinstaller.exe might need full path, in my case I used C:\Python27\Scripts\pip.exe and C:\Python27\Scripts\pyinstaller.exe.

How to create your own AI

Replace file with your own algorithm. Please don't change file, because it contains communication between your AI and the game manager and it might be changed in future protocol versions. More information about the protocol and tournament rules can be found at Gomocup websites