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My Ph.D. thesis
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Mesoscale Discrete Element Model for Concrete and Its Combination with FEM

The source code of my Ph.D. thesis (including also source code to all the results and graphs).

The thesis was created on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS system using pdfLaTeX. Some of the figures were created using RaphaëlPy project. Results of chapter 5 were obtained using dem-fem-coupling project Other results were obtained using discrete element code YADE and finite element code OOFEM.

Other prerequisites:

To compile all the content, run script.

What is here

  • text ... source code for text part (actual thesis, thesis statement, poster, CD cover)
  • codes ... scripts generating results and diff files for used OOFEM and YADE versions
  • results ... output of scripts
  • pdfs ... contains resulting PDF files


  • cleanup and comments in scripts

LaTeX template

If you would like to create a similar-looking thesis, I recommend to use this template, which is based on this thesis, but the class files are improved and cleaned up.

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