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git statu# ElassandraUnit

ElassandraUnit is a fork form CassandraUnit modified for Elassandra.

ElassandraUnit helps you writing isolated JUnit tests in a Test Driven Development style with an embedded Elassandra instance.

Elassandra Unit Figure

  • Start an embedded Elassandra (including both Cassandra and Elasticsearch).
  • Create structure (keyspace and Column Families) and load data from an XML, JSON or YAML DataSet.
  • Execute a CQL script.
  • Query Cassandra through the Cassandra driver
  • Query Elasticsearch through the Elasticsearch REST API.

Quick start

Add the following dependencies:


Add the Elasticsearch REST high level client with the same version as the one embedded in elassandra.


To handle Elasticsearch search requests over CQL, set the system property cassandra.custom_query_handler_class to org.elassandra.index.ElasticQueryHandler:


Create a JUnit test class :

public class SimpleTest {

    static final String KEYSPACE = "ks";

    public static CassandraCQLUnit cassandraCQLUnit =
        new CassandraCQLUnit(new SimpleCQLDataSet(
            "CREATE TABLE users (email text PRIMARY KEY, firstname text, lastname text, es_query text, es_options text);", KEYSPACE));

    private static Mapper<User> userMapper;
    private static RestHighLevelClient client;

    public void setup() throws IOException {
        userMapper = new MappingManager(cassandraCQLUnit.session).mapper(User.class);
        client = new RestHighLevelClient(RestClient.builder(new HttpHost("localhost", 9200, "http")));

        // create an elasticsearch index on table users
        CreateIndexRequest request = new CreateIndexRequest("users");
        request.mapping("users", XContentFactory.jsonBuilder()
                    .field("discover", ".*")
            .put("keyspace", KEYSPACE)                          // map index users to our keyspace.
            .put("index.synchronous_refresh",true)// synchronous elasticsearch refresh
        CreateIndexResponse createIndexResponse = client.indices().create(request);

    public void testMapper() throws Exception {
        User user1 = new User().withEmail("").withFirstname("Bob").withLastname("Smith");
        User user2 = new User().withEmail("").withFirstname("Alice").withLastname("Smith");
        User user3 = new User().withEmail("").withFirstname("Paul").withLastname("Dupont");;;;

        User user = userMapper.get("");
        assertThat(user, is(user1));

        // Elasticsearch search through the REST API
        SearchSourceBuilder sourceBuilder = new SearchSourceBuilder().query(QueryBuilders.termQuery("lastname", "Smith"));
        SearchRequest searchRequest = new SearchRequest().indices("users").source(sourceBuilder);
        SearchResponse searchResponse =;
        assertThat(searchResponse.getHits().totalHits, is(2L));

        // Elasticsearch search through CQL
        String esQuery = new SearchSourceBuilder().query(QueryBuilders.termQuery("lastname", "Smith")).toString(ToXContent.EMPTY_PARAMS);
        ResultSet results = cassandraCQLUnit.session.execute(
            "SELECT * FROM users WHERE es_options = ? AND es_query = ? ALLOW FILTERING", "indices=users", esQuery);
        Result<User> users =;
        assertThat(users.all().size(), is(2));




This project is licensed under LGPL V3.0


  • CassandraUnit is developped by Jérémy Sevellec
  • Elasticsearch and Kibana are trademarks of Elasticsearch BV, registered in the U.S. and in other countries.
  • Apache Cassandra, Apache Lucene, Apache, Lucene and Cassandra are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation.
  • Elassandra is a trademark of Strapdata SAS, registered in the U.S. and in other countries.


Utility tool to load Data into Elassandra to help you writing good isolated JUnit Test into your application




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