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@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ Index settings
* ``index.search_strategy_class`` : Set the search strategy class overriding the default cluster search strategy.
* ``index.include_node_id`` : If true, indexes the cassandra hostId in the _node field. Default is **false**.
* ``index.synchronous_refresh`` : If true, synchrounously refreshes the elasticsearch index on each index update. Default is **false**.
-* ``index.drop_on_delete_index`` : If true, delete underlying cassandra table and keyspace when deleting an index. Default is **false**.
+* ``index.drop_on_delete_index`` : If true, delete underlying cassandra tables and keyspace when deleting an index (Keyspace is deleted only if all its tables are deleted by removing the index). Default is **false**.
Sizing and tunning
@@ -471,7 +471,7 @@ elassandra can backup data by taking a snapshot of cassandra SSTables and Elasti
1. ``nodetool snapshot --tag <snapshot_name> <keyspace_name>``
2. For all indices associated to <keyspace_name>
- ``cp -al $CASSANDRA_DATA/<cluster_name>/nodes/0/indices/<index_name>/0/index/(_*|segement*) $CASSANDRA_DATA/<index_name>/<snapshot_name>/``
+ ``cp -al $CASSANDRA_DATA/<cluster_name>/nodes/0/indices/<index_name>/0/index/(_*|segment*) $CASSANDRA_DATA/<index_name>/<snapshot_name>/``
Of course, rebuilding elasticsearch indices after a cassandra restore is another option.

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