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FoodAdvisor - Strapi Demo


Welcome to FoodAdvisor, the official Strapi demo application. This repository contains the following:

  • Strapi project with existing Content-types and data (/api)
  • Next.js client ready to fetch the content of the Strapi application (/client)

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Get started

You can get started with this project locally on your machine by following the instructions below or you can request a private instance on our website.


Be sure to have the correct env variables for each part:

  • Strapi (example in ./api/.env.example):

    • STRAPI_ADMIN_CLIENT_URL=<url-of-nextjs>
  • Next.js (already in ./client/.env.development):

    • NEXT_PUBLIC_API_URL=<url-of-strapi>
    • PREVIEW_SECRET=<the-same-random-token-as-for-strapi>

1. Clone FoodAdvisor

  • Clone the repository by running the following command:
git clone
  • Navigate to your project folder by running cd foodadvisor.

2. Start Strapi

Navigate to your ./my-projects/foodadvisor/api folder by running cd api from your command line.

  • Run the following command in your ./foodadvisor/api folder:
yarn && yarn seed && yarn develop

This will install the dependencies, fill your application with data and run your server. You can run these commands separately.

3. Start Next.js

Navigate to your ./my-projects/foodadvisor/client folder by running cd client from your command line.

  • Run the following command in your ./foodadvisor/client folder
yarn && yarn dev

This will install the dependencies, and run your server. You can run these commands separately.

Features overview


An intuitive, minimal editor The editor allows you to pull in dynamic blocks of content. It’s 100% open-source, and it’s fully extensible.
Media Library Upload images, video or any files and crop and optimize their sizes, without quality loss.
Flexible content management Build any type of category, section, format or flow to adapt to your needs.
Sort and Filter Built-in sorting and filtering: you can manage thousands of entries without effort.
User-friendly interface The most user-friendly open-source interface on the market.
SEO optimized Easily manage your SEO metadata with a repeatable field and use our Media Library to add captions, notes, and custom filenames to optimize the SEO of media assets.


Customizable API: Automatically build out the schema, models, controllers for your API from the editor. Get REST or GraphQL API out of the box without writing a single line of code.
Media Library: The media library allows you to store your images, videos and files in your Strapi admin panel with many ways to visualize and manage them.
Role-Based Access Control (RBAC): Role-Based Access Control is a feature available in the Administration Panel settings that let your team members have access rights only to the information they need.
Internationalization (i18n): Internationalization (i18n) lets you create many content versions, also called locales, in different languages and for different countries.


Docs β€’ Demo β€’ Starters β€’ Forum β€’ Discord β€’ Youtube β€’ Try Enterprise Edition β€’ Strapi Design System β€’ Marketplace


πŸ₯˜ THE Strapi demo application







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