Generate the default admin panel inside your Strapi application.
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Strapi built-in admin panel


The admin panel is developed with Angular.js, using the John PAPA styleguide. You can customize the admin from ./api/admin/public in your generated application.

To build the admin panel:

  • You need to install bower and gulp with $ npm install gulp bower -g.
  • Run $ npm install in this directory.
  • Run $ gulp serve.
  • Visit http://localhost:3002 from your web browser.
  • When you are ready to use your customized admin panel, run $ gulp dist. That will update the files in the following folder: ./api/admin/public/dist.
  • Visit http://localhost:1337/admin/.

If you change the default port (1337) of your server, you will have to update ./api/admin/public/config/config.json and then run $ npm install && gulp dist in ./api/admin/public.

NOTE: You can create your own admin generator using the .strapirc file. Learn more how to use custom generators.


As you may imagine, we look forward to have new contributors for the admin panel.

If you detect any bug or if your need a new feature, feel free to post an issue on GitHub.

You also can directly develop new features or fix bugs. In order to do that, fork the Strapi admin panel repository, make changes and then submit a pull request.