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This repository is no longer maintained and only works for Strapi v3. To find the newest Strapi v4 starters, check out the starters-and-templates monorepo.

Strapi Starter Next.js E-commerce

Next.js starter for creating a simple e-commerce website with Strapi.

screenshot image

This starter allows you to try Strapi with Next.js with the example of a simple e-commerce website where you can buy dev stickers. It is fully customizable and due to the fact that it is open source, fully open to contributions. So do not hesitate to add new features and report bugs!

This starter uses the Strapi E-commerce template

Check out all of our starters here


  • 1 Component
  • 2 Collection types: Product, Category
  • 27 Created products
  • 6 Created categories
  • Permissions set to true for product and category
  • Responsive design using Tailwind css
  • Slug system
  • Publication system (draft & published)
  • Role based access controls
  • Payments handled with Snipcart

This starter is using Snipcart which allows you setup a shopping cart on any website. They wrote a tutorial teaching you how to create this website but selling cupcakes!

Payment will not work on localhost, we are redirecting you to this tutorial if you want to test payment locally.

Getting started

Use our create-strapi-starter CLI to create your project.

npx create-strapi-starter@3 my-site next-ecommerce

The CLI will create a monorepo, install dependencies, and run your project automatically.

The Next frontend server will run here => http://localhost:3000

The Strapi backend server will run here => http://localhost:1337

Deploying to production

You will need to deploy the frontend and backend projects separately. Here are the docs to deploy each one:

Don't forget to setup the environment variables on your production app:

For the frontend the following environment variable is required:

  • NEXT_PUBLIC_STRAPI_API_URL: URL of your Strapi backend, without trailing slash

Enjoy this starter!