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Strapi Roadmap

This is a living document, it describes what features we should implement in priority.

This document could be influenced by the community feedback, security issues, stability, future needs, etc.

Origins and purposes

Strapi is a project supported by a company called Strapi Solutions. The purpose of Strapi is to provide a powerful way to manage your content across devices through an API. Strapi does not intend to be a MVC framework. Strapi will stay a free and open-source backend project with an user interface to easily manage content.

Strapi aims to be a Content Management Framework. It let's developers hack and quickly develop custom business logic while keeping an administration interface to see what's is going on in the application. Strapi has been designed to build scalable moderns apps using a service-oriented architecture. Strapi will fit with any web project that requires an API.

For more details, please read our blog.

ETA (v3)

α alpha

Expected release date: 20/12/2016

Note: This version will not be ready for production use. However, we will publish it on npm to allow the community to test it and give us feedback.

  • Rewrite the entire project with ES6.
  • Move to Koa2. (see current status)
  • Use Mongo as main database.
  • Use Joi as validation layer.
  • Handle errors with Boom.
  • Load plugins.
  • Load external hooks.
  • Build dashboard layout using React.
  • Dynamic configuration values.
  • Handle internationalization (i18n).

Dashboard features through UI:

  • Edit general settings (Settings Manager).
  • Generate a REST API (API Manager).

β beta

Expected release date: 01/04/2017

  • Load custom hooks.
  • Create plugin generator.

Dashboard features through UI:

  • Edit data (Data Manager).
  • Manage users & groups.
  • Edit permissions on routes.