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πŸ› Bug fix

  • [Framework] Fix template typo for releations Bookshelf search (#2970) @absolux
  • [Framework] Fix $pull error deleting entry with dominant model of many-to-many relation (#2812) @gilhardl
  • [Framework] Fix 'non-constant default' error while addind timestamp field to existing sqlite3 table (#2946) @dev-drprasad
  • [Framework] Added mising await statement in bookshelf template (#2864) @rejifald
  • [Framework] Trigger beforeUpdate and afterUpdate hooks when update document (#2905) @henrych4
  • [Framework] Forcefully disable package-lock generation (#2906) @derrickmehaffy
  • [Plugin] Fix user count per role on SQL database (#2911) @lauriejim
  • [Plugin] Fix for UPPERCASE / camelCase names (#2909) @EpicUsaMan
  • [Plugin] The public folder path shouldn't be hard-coded in "strapi-provider-upload-local" (#2966) @ZibanPirate
  • [Plugin] Fix bad token for confirmation link (#2915) @lauriejim
  • [Plugin] Remove token from register route if confirm email is required (#2916) @lauriejim
  • [Plugin] Fix update entry when empty date field (#2896) @soupette
  • [Plugin] Display ID as default displayed attribute (#2869) @Aurelsicoko
  • [Plugin] Fix for SQL Mutation Updates (#2943) @derrickmehaffy
  • [Plugin] Return bad request in case of empty files attribut (#2850) @rsinelle
  • [Plugin] Fix for SQLite #2879 (#2907) @EpicUsaMan

πŸ’… Enhancement

πŸš€ New feature

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