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@alexandrebodin alexandrebodin released this Sep 9, 2019 · 217 commits to master since this release

Migration guide

You can read the migration guide here

πŸš€ New feature

  • [Framework] Add Repeatable groups (#3664)
  • [Framework] Add manyWay relation (#3664)
  • [Framework] POST multipart/form-data on generated API for file upload (#3664)

πŸ’₯ Breaking changes

  • [Framework] Core services return data directly (no more .toJSON/ .toObject). (#3664)
  • [Framwork] ]Boostrap.js function won't receive a callback anymore (#3664)
  • [Framwrok] Hooks are now async. No more callbacks (#3664)
  • [Administration] Wysiwyg type changed. Use richtextnow (#3664)
  • [Framework] Koa-body upgrade to 4.0.1. Files are now in ctx.request.files. (#3664)

πŸ› Bug fix

  • [Framework] Allow .gitkeep in the plugins folder (#3664)
  • [Plugin] Graphql delete on SQL return null (#3664)
  • [Plugin] Json sent as string instead of object (#3664)
  • [Administration] Unable to create role "server" (#3664)
  • [Plugin] Reserved "id" model's field name collision (#3664)
  • [Administration] Confirmed account got "Your account email is not confirmed" when login (#3664)
  • [Framework] Allow filtering by createdAt/updatedAt (#3664)
  • [Framework] WYSIWYG editor stays when changing a text field to string (#3664)
  • [Framework] Strapi crahes if you start typing into a one-to-one relational dropdown that is already filled with a relation (#3664)
  • [Administration] Add an option to disable the "help" videos and the icon completely (#3664)
  • [Administration] Frontend β€” TypeError: "o is undefined" (#3664)
  • [Framework] Dates can't be updated anymore on MySQL (#3664)
  • [Administration] Add id option in filter of content manager (#3664)
  • [Framework] Can't store array with JSON input (#3664)
  • [Administration] Cannot select first item of enum when creating an object with admin (#3664)
  • [Plugin] Content-Manager plugin breaks due to password field in list view in production (#3664)
  • [Plugin] SSL break content manager (#3664)
  • [Framework] Can't store JSON string format in string attribute (#3664)
  • [Framework] Date format error on update content manager MySQL (#3664)
  • [Framework] Define default attributes for JSON input (#3664)
  • [Plugin Frontend β€” TypeError: "o is undefined" (
  • [Framework] Strapi does not properly use Unique field type with Bookshelf (#3664)
  • [Framework] Conversion of long integers (#3664)
  • [Framework] Replace default _id by id with Mongoose (#3664)
  • [Framework] Enum value with hyphen breaks (#3664)
  • [Framework] Special characters from attributes name break GraphQL (#3664)
  • [Plugin] Duplicated relations in relation dropdown (#3664)
  • [Plugin] Content types created in dev cannot be instantiated in staging & prod after release (#3664)
  • [Plugin] Cannot add new entry in UI after generate:api in CLI (#3664)
  • [Framework] Rename column in SQLite prevents server start (#3664)
  • [Plugin] Enum is way too sensitive (#3664)
  • [Plugin] Missing Content-Type header on multipart form causes ugly error (#3664)
  • [Administrattion] Unable to edit Strapi favicon or titles (#3664)
  • [Plugin] Relational Field Label doesn't update (#3664)
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