Cassandra Distributed Tests
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Cassandra Distributed Tests


An up to date of ccm ( should be installed.
The tests are run using nosetests (
which thus needs to be installed too. The python CQL driver also needs to be
available (


Tests are ran by nostests, the only thing the framework needs to know is where
is the (compliled) sources for Cassandra to use. There is two options:
 * Use existing sources:
     CASSANDRA_DIR=~/path/to/cassandra nosetests
 * Use ccm ability to download/compile released sources from
     CASSANDRA_VERSION=1.0.0 nosetests

A convenient option if tests are regularly run against the same existing
directory is to set a default_dir in ~/.cassandra-dtest. Create the file and
set it to something like:
The tests will use this directory by default, avoiding the need for any
environment variable (that still have precedence if given though).

Existing tests are probably the best place to start to look at how write

Each test spawns a new fresh cluster and tear him down after the test. If a
test fails, the logs for the node are saved in a logs/<timestamp> directory
for analysis (it's not perfect but have been good enough so far, I'm open to
better suggestsions).