Experimental Heroku CLI plugin for continuous delivery on Heroku
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An experimental Heroku CLI plugin for continuous delivery on Heroku.

This plugin is used to set up a simple pipeline of apps where the latest release of one app can be promoted to the next app downstream. The promotion only copies the upstream build artifact and leaves the downstream app's config vars, add-ons, and Git repo untouched. An app can only have one downstream app, but there is no limit to the length of the pipeline or the number of upstream apps.

Example Usage

An example of a simple pipeline where developers push to a staging app and later promote the slug to production:

$ cd deep-thought-1234-staging

$ heroku pipeline:add deep-thought-1234
Added downstream app: deep-thought-1234

$ heroku pipeline
Pipeline: deep-thought-1234-staging ---> deep-thought-1234

$ git commit -m "A super important fix"

$ git push heroku master


$ heroku pipeline:diff
Comparing deep-thought-1234-staging to deep-thought-1234...done, deep-thought-1234-staging ahead by 1 commit:
  73ab415  2012-01-01  A super important fix  (Joe Developer)

$ heroku pipeline:promote
Promoting deep-thought-1234-staging to deep-thought-1234...done, v2

$ heroku releases --app deep-thought-1234

=== deep-thought-1234 Releases
v2  Promote deep-thought-1234-staging v6 0f0a53b  brainard@heroku.com   1m ago
v1  Initial release                               brainard@heroku.com   2m ago


$ heroku plugins:install git@github.com:heroku/heroku-pipeline.git


  • heroku pipeline display info about the app pipeline
  • heroku pipeline:add DOWNSTREAM_APP add a downstream app to this app
  • heroku pipeline:remove remove the downstream app of this app
  • heroku pipeline:diff compare the commits of this app to its downstream app
  • heroku pipeline:promote promote the latest release of this app to its downstream app

Rolling Back

heroku rollback is a standard heroku command that allows you to rollback when something goes wrong. Its behavior is the same when using pipelines. Use it anytime you need to revert a pipeline promotion.