An adhoc reporting client based on Pentaho Metadata Layer
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###If you want to install Saiku-Reporting in your Bi-Server 3.10-stable

Please use the ctools-installer from to install Saiku-Reporting

If you have no pentaho-reporting-engine-classic-extensions-cda-xxx.jar in your pentaho/web-inf/lib directory
you will not be able to export a PRPT-Report to your solution repository.
Same applies if you have the "wrong" version of that extension installed. To be sure that the export
works, you should replace the pentaho-reporting-engine-classic-extensions-cda-xxx.jar in pentaho/web-inf/lib 
with the one that we provide (without warranty that your other solutions will still work). 

###If you want to build Saiku-Reporting:

First build the UI project from by checking it out and running:
mvn clean package  install:install-file -Dfile=target/saiku-adhoc-ui-2.2-SNAPSHOT.war  -DgroupId=org.saiku -DartifactId=saiku-adhoc-ui -Dversion=2.2-SNAPSHOT -Dpackaging=war

Then checkout, cd into saiku-adhoc-core and run:
mvn clean install

Then if all went well cd into saiku-adhoc-plugin and run:
mvn clean package

In the resulting "target" directory you will find a file.

For questions join us at ##saiku on freenode