A space shooter game written in qbasic
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While throwing away some old stuff, I found these floppy disks containing some old code in QBasic and Pascal. I did not recognize any of these files, but they had my name in them, so they must have been written by the 15-year-old me in the late nineties.

An interesting is this one: a Star Trek themed game written in QBasic with all the sins a programmer could ever commit.

I did the graphics with another program written in QBasic, an editor that let's you put pixels and change their colour. I may publish that one as well some day.


To play the game, edit the last lines of the file dosbox.conf and run dosbox from the root folder of this project.


Navigation: up, down

Weapons: g, h, n


You need to destroy enemy ships. Faster wapons are weaker. You get punished for wasting shots.

To do

  • The game is in German, as well as many of the variable and function names. This is not good.

  • This is more of a preview than a game. It runs infinitely. You just shoot space ships and collect points in the process.

  • FreeBasic can understand QBasic - maybe a nicer option than running with DosBox.

  • It could run in the browser https://github.com/dreamlayers/em-dosbox/

Contributions are welcome.

Legal stuff

Please note that Star Trek is a trademark of Paramount pictures whereas QBasic belongs to Microsoft.