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stratis-cli 2.0.0
Python auto-formatter: black (18.9b0)
New minimum stratisd version requirement: 2.0.0
- Expect new versions of D-Bus service and interface names:
- Use newly introduced stratisd D-Bus interface FetchProperties
to obtain properties of engine objects for list methods:
- Remove idempotent behavior on certain commands:
- Expect that all size values placed on the D-Bus represent bytes:
- Expect that optional D-Bus properties are represented as tuples:
- Tidies and Maintenance:
stratis-cli 1.1.0
Python auto-formatter: black (18.9b0)
New dependency requirements:
- dbus-python-client-gen: 0.7
- Add a STRATIS_DBUS_TIMEOUT environment variable:
- Fix a bug where stratis exited with 0 exit code and printed usage to
standard output in some situations where a command could not be parsed.
Now print usage message to standard error and exit with code 2:
- Simplify reporting of errors. If the error has no explanation,
allow the exception to propagate, otherwise just print the
explanation. This does not affect any behavior when the --propagate
flag is set:
- Add an explanation for the error that occurs when the D-Bus times out
before the daemon responds:
- Make bash completion aware of --propagate flag:
- Defer loading of module until the command-line has been parsed.
This should have no visible effect:
- Tidies and Maintenance:
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