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CLI for the Stratis project
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CLI for Stratis Project

A CLI for the Stratis Project.


stratis-cli is a tool that provides a command-line interface (CLI) for interacting with the Stratis daemon, stratisd. stratis-cli interacts with stratisd via D-Bus. It is written in Python 3.

stratis-cli is stateless and contains a minimum of storage-related logic. Its code mainly consists of parsing arguments from the command line, calling methods that are part of the Stratis D-Bus API, and then processing and displaying the results.


To install, check out the source, and use the included setup script, as:

> python install

You will also need to obtain the following related Stratis repos: dbus-client-gen, dbus-python-client-gen, into-dbus-python, dbus-signature-pyparsing.

Finally, ensure you have python3-pyparsing package installed.


After installing, running just requires invoking the script, as:

> stratis --help


> stratis --version

To run without installing, check out the source, change to the top directory and set the PYTHONPATH environment variable to include library dependencies. For example (if using bash shell):

> export PYTHONPATH="src:../dbus-client-gen/src:../dbus-python-client-gen/src:../into-dbus-python/src:../dbus-signature-pyparsing/src"
> ./bin/stratis --help

Since stratis uses stratisd's API, most operations will fail unless you are also running the Stratis daemon.


There are unit and integration tests in the tests directory.

python3-pytest is required in order to run the tests.

These can be run by setting the PYTHONPATH environment variable as shown above, and also setting the STRATIS environment variable to the absolute or relative path to your stratisd executable. For example (again using bash shell):

> STRATISD=../stratisd/target/debug/stratisd make dbus-tests

Note: Since the tests invoke stratisd, it should not be running independently when the tests are run.

To run tox, ensure python3-tox and dbus-glib-devel packages are installed, and then run:

> tox

Internal Software Architecture

stratis is implemented in two parts:

  • The parser package handles configuring the command line parser, which uses the Python argparse package.
  • The actions package receives valid commands from the parser package and executes them, invoking the D-Bus API as needed. The parser passes command-line arguments given by the user to methods in the actions package using a Namespace object.

Python Coding Style

stratis conforms to PEP-8 style guidelines as enforced by the black formatting tool.

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