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Stratis Documentation
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Stratis Documentation

A repository for various kinds of Stratis Documentation.

Built versions of the documentation are available at:

All documentation in this repository is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License [license].

.. [license]


This guide covers building this static site and adding documentation


This site requires the following binaries:

  • zola - a single binary static site generator (SSG) written in Rust used for building the website
  • lyx - a document processor used for building the PDFs

zola's installation instructions are located on the installation page.

lyx can be installed by following your OS package manager and/or software installation instructions.


First we clone the repo:

$ git clone
 [ ... ]

$ cd stratis-docs

Now just build the site:

$ make
[ ... ]

The site can now be served using only the contents of the public/ directory.


Depending on which part of the site you'd like to edit, depends on where the source files are located.

PDF Documents

The PDF documents are built from the source files in docs/

Release Notes and other "Front Page Articles"

To add "articles" or "posts" to the front page simply create a Markdown file in contents/

But be sure to include a front matter section (the top of the file surrounded by +++). You can use other markdown files in the directory as a template for the front matter.

"Static" (aka Orphan) Pages

Pages in subdirectories of the content/ directory (such as the content/static/ directory) are not automatically added to the front page and will need to be linked from some other page. These are also known as orphan pages. These are still markdown files that will be rendered into HTML files by zola.

Static Content

Any content inside the static/ directory (not content/static/) will be copied into the built site verbatim. For example, static/imgs/stratis_d28445.jpg -> public/imgs/stratis_d28445.jpg.

Front Page Sidebar

Links can be added adn removed by editing the config.toml. Specifically, the hyde_user_links, hyde_developer_links, or hyde_contact_links arrays.


The current theme in use is a customized version of hyde whose source and style sheets, and templates can be found in themes/hyde/.

Further Info

More information about how to use zola can be found on

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