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Warning: We're still in beta, so use at your own risk. This is the repository of the Breeze Wallet, the first full-block SPV bitcoin wallet using Angular and Electron at the front-end and C# with .NET Core in the back-end.

Daemon Build

Breeze daemon is the backend REST service, hosting a Bitcoin node upon which Breeze UI depends:

# Clone and go in the directory
git clone
cd Breeze

# Initialize dependencies
git submodule update --init --recursive

# Go in the Breeze deamon folder
cd StratisBitcoinFullNode/Stratis.BreezeD
dotnet build

# Run the Bitcoin and Stratis full-SPV daemons on testnet in separate terminals
dotnet run -testnet
dotnet run stratis -testnet

UI Build


CI Build

Every time someone pushes to the master branch or create a pull request on it, a build is triggered and a new unstable app release is created.

If you want the latest (unstable 💣) version of the Breeze app, you can get it here: