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Graphical User Interface for Stratis Breeze Wallet.

Getting Started

Clone this repository locally:

git clone

Navigate to the Breeze UI in a terminal:

cd ./Breeze/Breeze.UI

Install NodeJS:

Download and install the latest Long Term Support (LTS) version of NodeJS at:

Install dependencies with npm:

From within Breeze.UI directory run:

npm install

There is an issue with yarn and node_modules that are only used in electron on the backend when the application is built by the packager. Please use npm as dependency manager.

If you want to generate Angular components with Angular-cli, you MUST install @angular/cli in npm global context.
If you have already installed a previous version of angular-cli, follow Angular-cli documentation, otherwise execute sudo npm install -g @angular/cli command.

To build for development

Terminal Window 1

Run the daemon

Terminal Window 2

npm start
This will compile the Angular code and spawn the Electron process in parallel. After compilation has completed the Electron UI will refresh.

Terminal Window 3, 4

If you want to seperate the build process from the Electron process you can use npm run start:webpack and npm run electron:serve.

To build for production

  • Using development variables (environments/index.ts) : npm run electron:dev
  • Using production variables (environments/ : npm run electron:prod

Your built files are in the /dist folder.

Included Commands

Command Description
npm run start:web Execute the app in the brower
npm run package:linux Builds your application and creates an app consumable on linux system
npm run package:windows On a Windows OS, builds your application and creates an app consumable in windows 32/64 bit systems
npm run package:mac On a MAC OS, builds your application and generates a .app file of your application that can be run on Mac

The application is optimised. Only the files of /dist folder are included in the executable.