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@StratisIain StratisIain released this Jul 17, 2019 · 111 commits to master since this release

We're excited to release Cirrus Core v1.2.1.0 for Community Testing!

Cirrus Core can be used to manage everything on the Cirrus sidechain and to create or call smart contracts and manage tokens on the Cirrus sidechain.

Notable changes

*Inclusion of Token Management
*Ability to issue new Token

This version utilizes the release/ branch of the full node.

File Hashes

Cirrus.Core-v1.2.1-linux-amd64.deb 4A0C021C08FA496408B5863DFC2C8C06DF587E597D9328C57EFE72458A1B6334
Cirrus.Core-v1.2.1-linux-x64.tar.gz DA19B261CB50AFA699301086CD519392C5CDEB7DC000C167EE625F118147EEE6
Cirrus.Core-v1.2.1-mac.dmg 616AC562A27D82D3EE2C608C260819C09BF4C4D4B55375E046D2BAE99328FDBC
Cirrus.Core-v1.2.1-setup-win-x64.exe 2F5D80FCAAAA761F8CF12D1367CD4C0F131DE51B5F6CB15FBD6FC8F29F856C0C
Cirrus.Core-v1.2.1-setup-win-x86.exe D7D91D29AF4C329B15367083A7091AE637FE0E5D8BFDBE0897647F6006513D31


  • 1e134ac Merge pull request #255 from stratisproject/updateagentstring
  • 92f0c3e Update Agent Versions
  • 00107a1 Merge pull request #254 from fenix2222/custom-tokens
  • 1e13d12 Add temporary workaround for non-camel-cased reponse
  • f353ffa Change issue to create
  • 9d8bbb4 Rename tab
  • 39bba84 Shorten text
  • 8c14e6e Improve token amount validation
  • 48acd8a Display token balance
  • 068a87e Update token issuance text
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@dev0tion dev0tion released this Jul 1, 2019 · 214 commits to master since this release

We're excited to launch Stratis and Cirrus Core v1.2.0.0.

Stratis Core can be used to manage everything on the Stratis mainnet and testnet.

Cirrus Core can be used to manage everything on the Cirrus sidechain and to create or call smart contracts.

Notable changes

  • Sidechain and smart contracts functionality fully integrated into Cirrus Core
  • Allow to build packages for both Stratis and the Cirrus sidechain
  • You can now pass all full node arguments when launching Core
  • Updated the package to work with the latest version of the fullnode
  • The UI won't finish loading until the backend node is full initialized
  • Added a link in the Advanced - About tab to directly open the data folder
  • Various minor UI fixes and changes

This version utilizes the release/ branch of the full node.

File Hashes

Cirrus.Core-v1.2.0-linux-amd64.deb A249E67CF78E9F3EF22BB2E226074E1D13F32D49DC0635450C68451926B702BD
Cirrus.Core-v1.2.0-linux-x64.tar.gz 539FBA78824AEF5C38F1ECFEBAF8E573529EF580580C46DAE6B21AB428443FA1
Cirrus.Core-v1.2.0-mac.dmg 67E42194154905B658B6A665A9EBD6D805EC4EA3872CC8C7E44E119DA6E9F5C7
Cirrus.Core-v1.2.0-setup-win-x64.exe 205EAF56B3CA0170DB307C8C94DE335481EAC90C119B78758357FF88CE41A264
Cirrus.Core-v1.2.0-setup-win-x86.exe B510F4BAB0801D4CB198EB32F324CF8FC02E286AB018EBFD4B3893DC5E5065C5
Stratis.Core-v1.2.0-linux-amd64.deb 124EAEE63269F3F57877BD15DEFF5CA97A79AC8250AF908783542795A35A83D7
Stratis.Core-v1.2.0-linux-x64.tar.gz 771761AB9AFBE827B66E4AA73518108418CEBDF398BC26731391178A89BDE964
Stratis.Core-v1.2.0-mac.dmg 5A3B7DCF643B1ABBDCA6341DCB490891B3D09857D12B7DD36CECB7531AAA6A23
Stratis.Core-v1.2.0-setup-win-x64.exe EE96D031C4B5C22D4D571BC6F97FF09ECEE3363C6EF6B43999888CB815EDC2D6
Stratis.Core-v1.2.0-setup-win-x86.exe 4394026F149B30DFDCA88776A1F0DF8AE6FD03873513162B4105BA5877257458


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  • de7b3b1 Hide receipt link for unmined transaction (#236)
  • 773612e Allow to copy receipt by selecting it (#235)
  • 5098661 Connect Core wallet to remote daemon (#230)
  • 18961b9 tsconfig add @shared path replacing ../ relative paths (#233)
  • 8882217 Minor UI improvements and label changes (#232)
  • 746861b Fix closing modal on backdrop click (#231)
  • 17350dd [FS] Reverted OP_RETURN changes (#229)
  • 0af89ed Fixed hard coded labels for federation and destination addresses when sending to and from sidechain (#228)
  • f428363 Change FeeEstimation to Post (#222)
  • eeeaeda updated StratisBitcoinFullNode submodule (#227)
  • bbd60b7 Update dependencies, set OP_RETURN value to 0 for crosschain transactions (#226)
  • fae74a5 [Wallet] Fix for QR code network name (#225)
  • a4f3d94 Pass stratis core shell options through to daemon (#219)

👩‍🔧 Support

Please help us by reporting any issue you may find:
On GitHub:
On the #support channel on Discord:

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@bokobza bokobza released this Mar 27, 2019 · 237 commits to master since this release

Stratis Core fixes a couple of loading issues and includes the latest improvements done in the full node.

Notable changes

  • The history tab will now show up to 500 items.
  • Fixes API error message.

Known issues

  • It is currently possible to start staking before the wallet is ready for it. Please wait until you see connections in the bottom right corner before you start staking. This will be fixed in the next release.


This version utilizes the release/ branch of the full node.

File Hashes

Stratis.Core-v1.1.1-setup-win-x64.exe F8F8599D90D9BFCC0E8B151CB6692AE59883DC3151BCF801E822F297C8AA1B84
Stratis.Core-v1.1.1-setup-win-x86.exe AAB9C089E04ED34895803B2039152A3DC036BE62609221F4A334CDECA60CD442
Stratis.Core-v1.1.1-linux-amd64.deb 241732324CB1AD95888817FFE981BE71555BE07A197E55F5276352B474FF171C
Stratis.Core-v1.1.1-linux-x64.tar.gz E48FA02E831718E55AC9E4C8C6C1F2F65E5EB8A6BC73ABBAC5B31FEB9F7C9B98
Stratis.Core-v1.1.1-mac.dmg 89B8B4DB2CA031610113A9170D8CD6428D978F6E604BDF944AC32E41CF736312

👩‍🔧 Support

Please help us by reporting any issue you may find:
On GitHub:
On the #support channel on Discord:

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Stratis Core 1.1.0 focuses on improving the user-experience and is now the recommended wallet for staking on the Stratis mainchain.

Notable changes

Add send to sidechain

The ability to send funds to a sidechain from the Stratis Core wallet is included in this release. This feature can be used to send funds to the Cirrus sidechain.

Core Updates

This release includes a major update in the application architecture. Stratis Core has now been migrated to Angular 7 and Electron 4.


  • Added ability to rescan the wallet from a certain date
  • Fixed daemon shutdown on application close for Mac
  • Display the amount of coins that have gained maturity
  • Improvements based of user feedback.

Known issues

Something went wrong while connecting to the API. Please restart the application.

A bug has been found in the user interface where you would see the error above.
After clicking OK the wallet user interface reloads and you can login again.
This is a user interface bug only, the node running in the background is not affected. Staking continues.
There is no need to restart the application.

👩‍🔧 Support

Please help us by reporting any issue you may find:
On GitHub:
On the #support channel on Discord:

This version utilizes the release/ branch of the full node.


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@bokobza bokobza released this Dec 12, 2018

The Stratis team is delighted to announce the production release of the Stratis Core wallet.

Stratis Core now runs the latest version of the Stratis Node in the back-end and therefore is more stable, more secure and more performant than previous versions.

The user experience as well as the UI have also been improved.

Notable changes

HD implementation

You can now add an optional passphrase to generate your wallets private seed.
People that have used a previous version of Stratis Core will need to enter their password as the passphrase to recover their wallet.

Advanced Tab

Shows some details of the Stratis Node running in the back-end. Additionally, there is a button to resync the wallet from scratch, in case transactions don't get propagated and the wallet is in a funny state.

Generate many addresses

BIP44 calls for an address gap of 20, but if you want to generate more receive addresses, you can. You'd typically use this if you've used the wallet to receive funds during an ICO and you're received funds across thousands of addresses.

Address book

This can be used to save addresses of friends or of a sidechain for example.

Pagination for history and address items

Helps when you have hundreds of transaction/addresses.


  • Lots of small improvements based of user feedback.
  • Some subtle but necessary design touch-ups.

👩‍🔧 Support

Please help us by reporting any issue you may find:
On GitHub:
On the #support channel on Discord:

Known issues

Failed to connect to Stratis Node

There have been some breaking changes in the database structure since our last release.
Please shut down your client and clear your data paths before starting the client again.

Using the File Explorer, navigate to %APPDATA%\StratisNode\stratis\StratisMain
Remove the apps, blocks, chain, coinview, finalizedBlock, provenheaders and peers.json folders/files.
Restart your client after removing the folders.

Open your Applications folder, then open the Utilities folder. Double click the Terminal application.
In the terminal please type the following:

rm -rf ~/.stratisnode/stratis/StratisMain/{apps, blocks, chain, coinview, finalizedBlock, provenheaders, peers.json}

Restart your client.

In a terminal please type the following:

rm -rf ~/.stratisnode/stratis/StratisMain/{apps, blocks, chain, coinview, finalizedBlock, provenheaders, peers.json}

Restart your client.

MacOS: Stratis.StratisD daemon still active after shutdown

On MacOS the Stratis.StratisD doesn't close properly on quitting the Core application.
Please go to launchpad and type "Activity Monitor", open the program, click Stratis.StratisD and click the X on the top left corner to quit the Stratis.StratisD process.

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@StratisIain StratisIain released this Dec 17, 2018 · 523 commits to ae4cba70dbbf0f19a131f518c29c6788732015d1 since this release


  • ae4cba7 Merge pull request #278 from ianadavies/fix-admin-menu-plus-history
  • 181512f Add devtools flag for debugging production builds + don't get history while in IBD mode.
  • f5a6cd9 Fix issue with generate addresses and re-sync after refactor + get history after every block connected event (Main chain only) for staking rewards
  • 06feecc Merge pull request #277 from stratisproject/submodule-update
  • 9817af9 Updated StratisBitcoinFullNode Submodule
  • ad68667 Merge pull request #276 from stratisproject/submodule-update
  • b750eda Updated StratisBitcoinFullNode Submodule
  • 4333979 Merge pull request #275 from ianadavies/id-multiple-wallet-and-json-fix
  • 9c5d9bb Resolve path correctly for all users on BuildScripts
  • 2c73fc2 Update Submodule, Add Package build scripts,
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  • 92ddff2 Remove whitespace
  • 2ca7cfd Check walletName on SignalR + model changes for Serialisation Fix
  • 0793f26 Merge pull request #274 from stratisproject/submodule-update
  • 48d2ce9 Updated StratisBitcoinFullNode Submodule
  • eb01a80 Merge pull request #273 from ianadavies/further-release-fixes
  • b5a7703 More updates after PR + show balance up to 3 decimal places on Address Selector
  • 15e5d77 Refesh history when unconfirmed balance showing
  • dcccca4 Merge pull request #271 from ianadavies/release-fixes
  • 05f29fe Merge remote-tracking branch 'me/release-fixes' into release-fixes
  • 1e13465 Fix merge conflicts
  • dff983d Merge branch 'master' into HEAD
  • 04cdc7e Minor updates after PR
  • 16f0837 Merge pull request #272 from stratisproject/submodule-update
  • 345e12d Updated StratisBitcoinFullNode Submodule
  • 835fd98 updated StratisBitcoinFullNode submodule
  • 12b2ccc Update submodule
  • 6f5b3ed Convert Subscription to Promise
  • b0088bb Fixes after PR
  • 3c93714 Minor fixes to update balances and transactions when changing address
  • b8eaf90 WIP
  • 3f26fe3 Continue Merge - custom token accounts
  • df806d5 Merge rowand/custom-token-accounts
  • af02989 Merge with Master + Fixes
  • b58247a Fix spawn params to full node
  • f130256 Fix datepicker + transaction credits showing as deductions
  • 25d3dea Remove Title bar on windows, re-add signal-r feature to full node
  • 90eae55 Revert "Enable SignalR + Hide Menu in Windows"
  • b19c3de Enable SignalR + Hide Menu in Windows
  • edee17d updated StratisBitcoinFullNode submodule (#269)
  • 2cdbd40 Update dependencies, use Angular 8 and Electron 6 (#267)
  • 5b1be04 Merge pull request #268 from ianadavies/me/client-refactor
  • 13309e4 Fix Production Build Issues
  • a7b2f79 Update ignore for IntelliJ
  • aa3362d Delete intelliJ files
  • e805569 re-apply SignalR
  • b4567b6 Merge
  • a1a20e2 Fix issue with Setting Staking status on service when Wallet is reloaded
  • c1b0a75 Fix various styling issues when 0 transactions, cleanup redundant code + Fix SignalR start time
  • 792b4a0 Return Original Transaction with Transaction Response
  • b55e0cd Pause WIP
  • 9c3e667 Pause WIP
  • 61b6de9 Revert "signalr feature WIP" (#265)
  • 05e6840 Pause WIP
  • e385f0a Merge pull request #264 from ianadavies/me/signalr-feature
  • eb59efa Update after Code Review - Mostly TSLint issues + use Log class
  • 02890ce Merge remote-tracking branch 'me/me/signalr-feature' into me/signalr-feature
  • 848a928 SignalR re-connect when connection is lost
  • 1d68338 Finish, use SignalR for Staking and WalletGeneralInfo
  • a9f86b1 Create NodeService + Remove General Info Poll + Various fixes and Improvements
  • 964c515 Create NodeService + Remove General Info Poll + Various fixes and Improvements
  • e4c20f6 SignalR now working for new Transactions
  • 4ebdde4 Fix production build issue with private field accessed from template
  • 93e3102 Cleanup + UI refinements + Create Error Service + Refactor Statusbar
  • 25cfd22 Move coming soon for Medi and Glu
  • e2ee2da Pause - WIP
  • be85874 Cleanup files
  • b643dbf Remove duplicate code from ApiService
  • 9130e39 Fix DI + Convert Subjects to BehaviourSubjects
  • 79c8abd Fix template for Transactions
  • 5b86a4a Pause refactor - WIP - Compiling
  • fa3038c Add Staking Component
  • c4a5dfc Work in progress - refactor for SignalR Implementation
  • 4ea7fd9 Don't track JetBrains Rider settings
  • 4ed7bc3 Start implement Realtime service. Work in progress.
  • 648f84d Use SC endpoint to estimate fee
  • 941bdcc Add Medi and Glu to default tokens list
  • c440a00 Only show buttons and address if token has an address
  • ef972f3 Only update tokens with addresses
  • 986bc9f Add address balance to tokens screen
  • df7308f Fix address column width
  • 40b4336 Update submodule
  • a787936 Only show change addresses if they have a balance
  • 3e55f53 Use new SC build transaction endpoint
  • a3b125a Confirm Passphrase (#260)
  • 6be66a8 Add MEDI and GLU
  • 1f9a69e Fix balance on send modal
  • c5796dd Add address copy
  • a7cf389 Clean up
  • 64b4040 Display address balances and highlight > 0
  • 61760d7 Display all addresses
  • 9c77229 Display index with address
  • 32fd3a3 Display history from current account
  • ff247be Add guard to prevent using the SC or Tokens screen without having an address selected
  • 3da219e Display balance from current account
  • fc07c5b Unsubscribe balance updates
  • 9a5bda5 Add switch account menu icon
  • 1815296 Return account address as the receive address
  • 776428d Set change address when sending to sidechain
  • 0cf8cfa Set change address
  • 12faa92 Add change address field to TransactionBuilding
  • 333ffa7 Display only tokens for selected address
  • 68ea1df Display only selected address on SC screen
  • b015f3b Add selected address and navigation to dashboard
  • ced4504 Add current account service
  • e7f29c4 Add addresses and balances to component
  • 6cd2d81 Add address selection component
  • c28d5a7 Set tooltip to current application name (#256)
  • 58536de Add Cirrus giveaway
  • a27c5d4 Improve token list loading times
  • 17ead00 Namespace token storage under network
  • 66f7ae2 Populate amount field after clicking token balance

This list of changes was auto generated.

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@bokobza bokobza released this Apr 11, 2018

Following on from the recent successful release of the Stratis Full Node Mainnet Beta, Stratis is proud to present the Mainnet Beta release of the Stratis Full Node GUI, which has now officially been renamed Stratis Core.

We took on the feedback from our users and added new features as well as more general improvements:

  • Wallet officially renamed Stratis Core
  • QR codes appear in the receive modal
  • Ability to view all addresses that are generated by the wallet

Additional improvements also in this release are as follows:

  • UI enhancements
  • Update to use the latest beta version of the Full Node
  • Update of external dependencies

This is a beta release, therefore, please use the staking feature with caution.

Please help us by reporting any issues you may find:
Discord: #support channel

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@bokobza bokobza released this Dec 18, 2017

This is the alpha release of the Stratis Wallet (name TBD), running on the Stratis Testnet network and represents an important milestone for Stratis.

A full node staking wallet

This wallet houses our full node, written in C#.
It downloads the whole Stratis blockchain and helps the network by fully validating blocks and transactions and by relaying them to other peers on the network.
Additionally, this wallet is capable of staking TSTRATS.

What's next?

We have quite a few features and improvements planned for future versions.
Make sure you follow our progress on our blog, our Twitter account and on our community Slack.


If you find a bug

The first thing to do is to head over to our list of issues on GitHub and check if a similar issue has already been reported by someone else.
If that's the case, you can add a comment saying that you're experiencing the same problem.
If no one has reported this issue, you can open one yourself.
In it, give us as many details as possible:

  • the operating system you're running,
  • the steps that you took that led to this exception and
  • whatever else you think might help us find out what the problem is.

Also, you can help us by sending the debug files in %AppData%\StratisNode\Logs on Windows or ~/.stratisnode/logs on MacOS and Linux.
Note: When you report issues, please create a separate one for each, rather than one issue containing all your feedback.
Alternatively, you can come to our #fullnode_support channel on Slack to tell us about it.

If you need help or if you have general suggestions

We have a great community and a very dedicated team that will be able to help you if you have a question or a suggestion.
For that, come to our #fullnode_support channel on Slack or email


Stratis Testnet Explorer

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