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@dev0tion dev0tion released this Jul 1, 2019 · 126 commits to master since this release

We're excited to launch Stratis and Cirrus Core v1.2.0.0.

Stratis Core can be used to manage everything on the Stratis mainnet and testnet.

Cirrus Core can be used to manage everything on the Cirrus sidechain and to create or call smart contracts.

Notable changes

  • Sidechain and smart contracts functionality fully integrated into Cirrus Core
  • Allow to build packages for both Stratis and the Cirrus sidechain
  • You can now pass all full node arguments when launching Core
  • Updated the package to work with the latest version of the fullnode
  • The UI won't finish loading until the backend node is full initialized
  • Added a link in the Advanced - About tab to directly open the data folder
  • Various minor UI fixes and changes

This version utilizes the release/ branch of the full node.

File Hashes

Cirrus.Core-v1.2.0-linux-amd64.deb A249E67CF78E9F3EF22BB2E226074E1D13F32D49DC0635450C68451926B702BD
Cirrus.Core-v1.2.0-linux-x64.tar.gz 539FBA78824AEF5C38F1ECFEBAF8E573529EF580580C46DAE6B21AB428443FA1
Cirrus.Core-v1.2.0-mac.dmg 67E42194154905B658B6A665A9EBD6D805EC4EA3872CC8C7E44E119DA6E9F5C7
Cirrus.Core-v1.2.0-setup-win-x64.exe 205EAF56B3CA0170DB307C8C94DE335481EAC90C119B78758357FF88CE41A264
Cirrus.Core-v1.2.0-setup-win-x86.exe B510F4BAB0801D4CB198EB32F324CF8FC02E286AB018EBFD4B3893DC5E5065C5
Stratis.Core-v1.2.0-linux-amd64.deb 124EAEE63269F3F57877BD15DEFF5CA97A79AC8250AF908783542795A35A83D7
Stratis.Core-v1.2.0-linux-x64.tar.gz 771761AB9AFBE827B66E4AA73518108418CEBDF398BC26731391178A89BDE964
Stratis.Core-v1.2.0-mac.dmg 5A3B7DCF643B1ABBDCA6341DCB490891B3D09857D12B7DD36CECB7531AAA6A23
Stratis.Core-v1.2.0-setup-win-x64.exe EE96D031C4B5C22D4D571BC6F97FF09ECEE3363C6EF6B43999888CB815EDC2D6
Stratis.Core-v1.2.0-setup-win-x86.exe 4394026F149B30DFDCA88776A1F0DF8AE6FD03873513162B4105BA5877257458


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  • de7b3b1 Hide receipt link for unmined transaction (#236)
  • 773612e Allow to copy receipt by selecting it (#235)
  • 5098661 Connect Core wallet to remote daemon (#230)
  • 18961b9 tsconfig add @shared path replacing ../ relative paths (#233)
  • 8882217 Minor UI improvements and label changes (#232)
  • 746861b Fix closing modal on backdrop click (#231)
  • 17350dd [FS] Reverted OP_RETURN changes (#229)
  • 0af89ed Fixed hard coded labels for federation and destination addresses when sending to and from sidechain (#228)
  • f428363 Change FeeEstimation to Post (#222)
  • eeeaeda updated StratisBitcoinFullNode submodule (#227)
  • bbd60b7 Update dependencies, set OP_RETURN value to 0 for crosschain transactions (#226)
  • fae74a5 [Wallet] Fix for QR code network name (#225)
  • a4f3d94 Pass stratis core shell options through to daemon (#219)

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