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Official Unreal Engine plugin for Stratis Blockchain Platform.

If you are looking for a plugin for Unity Engine, check this repository.

This plugin provides functionallity for creating a wallet, building different types of transactions and interacting with smart contracts.

UE5 support

In order to build project using Unreal Engine 5.0+, use a branch support/ue5.

Modules reference

  • Blockchain - contains core logic for building wallet & transactions. Usualy, you don't need to interact with it directly.
  • BlockchainTests - tests for Blockchain module, nothing interesting.
  • Stratis - entrypoint module, provides C++- & Blueprints- friendly interfaces for plugin's users. This module should be considered as the only module you need to depend on.
  • StratisAPI - contains HTTP- & JSON parsing- related code used to interact with FullNode's lightweight API. This module was auto-generated using OpenAPI generator for UE4.
  • Wallet - contains a modified version of Trustwallet's Core library.

Basic usage

UStratisUnrealManager should be used as the main entry-point for all Stratis-related actions (except StandardToken & NFT interaction).

UStandardTokenWrapper is a high-level wrapper for standard token contracts.

UNFTWrapper is a high-level wrapper for non-fungible token contracts.


Check our Wiki page.