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TMPop Explorer

A block explorer for Stratumn's Tendermint Store.


Local Development

You should first run a local version of rollup that will watch your src/ component and automatically recompile it into lib/ whenever you make changes.

We'll also be running our app/ create-react-app that's linked to the local version of your tmpop-explorer module.

yarn link # the link commands are important for local development
yarn start # runs rollup with watch flag

# (in another tab, run the app)
cd app
yarn link @stratumn/tmpop-explorer
yarn start # runs create-react-app hot-reload dev server

Now, anytime you make a change to your component in src/ or to the application's app/src, create-react-app will live-reload your local dev server so you can iterate on your component in real-time.

NOTE: The source code for the component is in src. A transpiled CommonJS version (generated with Babel) is available in lib for use with node.js, browserify and webpack. A UMD bundle is also built to lib, which can be included without the need for any build system.


The easiest way to use tmpop-explorer is to install it from NPM and include it in your own React build process (using Browserify, Webpack, etc).

yarn install @stratumn/tmpop-explorer


Include the react component in your application:

var TMPopExplorer = require('@stratumn/tmpop-explorer');

// OR with ES6 import
import TMPopExplorer from '@stratumn/tmpop-mapexplorer';

<TMPopExplorer remote="localhost:46657"/>

If your application already uses a router, the tmpop explorer can also be "mounted":

<Router history={browserHistory}>
    <Route path='/blockexplorer*' mount='/blockexplorer' component={TMPopExplorer} remote="localhost:46657"/>

Note: the path should always end with * so that subroutes work. Make sure it doesn't conflict with your application.


  • remote: the address used to contact the Stratumn Node (mandatory).
  • mount: the mountpoint for the tmpop explorer in your routing scheme (mandatory if included as a route).


Copyright 2017 Stratumn SAS. All rights reserved.

Unless otherwise noted, the TMPop Explorer source files are distributed under the Apache License 2.0 found in the LICENSE file.