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Mike's "4up" Pinterest PDF-book code abstracted just enough to work with non-Pinterest sources. Which really means any CSV file containing the following columns:


For example, Flickr:

http://farm1.staticflickr.com/1/132429_cb520f81ce.jpg,132429,"{""og:description"": ""Untitled-1, by mickey1 (2004)"", ""pinterestapp:source"": ""http://www.flickr.com/photos/44124351339@N01/132429""}"

If you're looking carefully at the example above and wondering why the various properties are named the way they are it's only because this is still an early branch and I've been more concerned with the bits that can be removed rather than what things should or should not be named. So og:description it is, for now.

Once you have a CSV file you can create a book like this:

$> python ./layout.py -d data/flickr-photos-2005.csv

By default books are split at the 240-page limit. You can override this by passing a --pages argument:

$> python ./layout.py -d data/flickr-photos-2005.csv --pages 150


Scripts for generating 4up "compliant" CSV files for a user's photos or favourited photos on Flickr. These scripts will dump all the photos in to CSV files grouped by year uploaded or year faved.

One limitation of the this code is that it assumes old-skool Flickr Auth API credentials (which you can't create anymore). Updating it to work with the newer OAuth stuff is on the list.

Note the use of the -u me shortcut. By default you pass a Flickr NSID to identify a user but if that value is set to "me" the code will look up the NSID for the user identified by the Flickr auth token.

Flickr photos for a user

$> python ./flickr/4up-photos.py -c flickr.cfg -u me -o ../data

Flickr faves for a user

$> python ./flickr/4up-faves.py -c flickr.cfg -u me -o ../data


A sample config file is included but it looks like this. As noted above this assumes old Flickr Auth API style credentials.


Why "4up"

Because it's sort of catchy and more often that not its the layout that the code chooses for arranging photos on a page.


  • You will need to have both Cairo and its corresponding Python bindings installed. This is sometimes harder than it sounds. See below inre: a setup.py script.

To do

  • A proper setup.py script

  • Identify and document that minimum properties required to generate a book and update everything else accordingly

  • Add the ability to pass multiple CSV files at once. Yak shaving ?

  • Figure out paths and library loading for libfreetype stuff under OS X