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"display_date": "June 3, 1889",
"credit_line": "Gift of Mrs. William Greenough",
"date_end": "1889",
"period": "",
"dynasty": "",
"culture": "American",
"id": "78662",
"style": "",
"date_begin": "1889",
"dimensions": "Sheet: 31.2 x 23.7 cm (12 5/16 x 9 5/16 in.), irregular",
"copyright": "",
"title": "Sketches from Evreux and Limay",
"provenance": "",
"credit_line_repro": "",
"invno": "1943-51-233 ",
"movement": "",
"medium": "Graphite on thick off-white wove paper tipped into binding with fabric",
"media_id": "47978",
"description": "Vertical sheet depicting two medieval buildings. At left is a clock tower enclosed by an iron fence around the base. It consists of simple masonry in the Romanesque style but has added ornament at the level of the cupola that is very Gothic, including a tracery balustrade made of small trefoils, plus a belfry with crockets and small flags encircling it. Behind this to the left is part of another tower that has a similar treatment of its upper most section, which is decorated with crockets. Below this is a small plan of the building showing a stair tower at the upper right side of the plan. To the right of this drawing is the elevation of a Romanesque building with thick buttresses around the base, and an upper story made of a double-arched opening. Above is a steeple with small aedicules at the corners and a similarly pointed arched dormer in the center.",
"classification_id": "12",
"restrictions": "",
"school": "",
"name": "Album page",
"region": "",
"caption": "",
"department_id": "2"
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