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"display_date": "1812",
"credit_line": "Museum purchase through gift of various donors",
"date_end": "1812",
"period": "Neoclassical",
"dynasty": "",
"culture": "Italian",
"id": "10001",
"style": "",
"date_begin": "1812",
"dimensions": "20.9 x 21.3 cm (8 1/4 x 8 3/8 in.)",
"copyright": "",
"title": "Ceres asks Jupiter for Return of Proserpina",
"provenance": "Giovanni Piancastelli, Rome",
"credit_line_repro": "",
"invno": "1901-39-3283",
"thumbnail": "",
"movement": "",
"medium": "Pen and brown ink, brush and brown washes over traces of graphite on light brown paper",
"media_id": "",
"description": "Ceres shown kneeling before Jupiter throned.",
"classification_id": "2",
"restrictions": "",
"school": "",
"name": "Drawing",
"region": "",
"caption": "",
"department_id": "2"
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