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Fancy Idling

This is a proof-of-concept implementation of a pair of WSGI servers to accept, store and rebroadcast updates from Flickr using WebSockets.

It looks something like this:

"flickr" --> --> redis <-- <-- websockets <-- web browser

It looks that way not necessarily because it's the right way to do it but because I was exploring some avenues and then wrote a blog post about it. That's why this shouldn't be considered anything more than a proof of concept. The blog post is over here and is probably worth reading before you go any further:

You can use the and scripts to start up the servers like you might run anything else from init.d or you can spin them up on their own with a WSGI server tool like gunicorn:

$> gunicorn listen:application

Patches, suggestions and gentle cluebats are both welcome and encouraged.

You will need to install a few things to make any of this work:

  • Redis

  • The Python bindings for Redis

  • The Python eventlet libraries

  • The gunicorn WSGI application/libraries