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This document was originally compiled for the Machine Tags: Theory, Working Code and Gotchas (and Robots!) workshop at the 2010 Museums and the Web conference, in Denver. This is what I wrote at the time:

This is an outrageously long reading list. It is not expected that youʼll sit down one day and diligently visit each site. Rather, I hope that you will hang on to this list as something you might think to look at over coffee or while youʼre waiting for another task to complete and it will stir your imagination and send you off in an entirely other direction. People really have said this much about “machine tags” and it really is this varied and this interesting!

The order and structure of the content reflects how I chose arrange this in document 2010. There's nothing precious about and it is entirely open to being changed, especially as new entries are added (and they are!).

Sadly, there's probably a some amount of linkrot so it might be worth archiving local copies of links (somewhere in this repository).