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# $Id$
$is_backup_user = flickr_backups_is_registered_user($GLOBALS['cfg']['user']);
$GLOBALS['smarty']->assign("is_backup_user", $is_backup_user);
$can_backup = $is_backup_user;
# See this? It's a bit confusing. The first thing to understand is that
# we're using invites codes as a general purpose shoehorn/check for
# whether or not a user can register to back up their photos. This has
# the potential for becoming a confusing mess but since the list of
# things which may need to blocked by invites are few and only really
# exist in the some abstract future possibility soup factory future so
# we're just not going to worry about until it actually happens. Still
# with me? Okay, so the point here is that we're trying to figure out
# whether or not to show the link to the flickr backups page. If the
# user has already registered then it's obvious. If not then check to
# see if we're even using feature flags. If not, then show the link. If
# they are (enabled) then we need to see whether or not the user has a
# valid invite code set. Not awesome and suggests that maybe we need to
# set another/different feature flag but, for now, it works.
# (20120613/straup)
if (! $can_backup){
if (! $GLOBALS['cfg']['enable_feature_invite_codes']){
$can_backup = 1;
elseif (invite_codes_get_by_cookie()){
$can_backup = 1;
else {
$can_backup = 0;
$GLOBALS['smarty']->assign("can_backup", $can_backup);