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@@ -60,6 +60,24 @@ Here's my a once-a-day example, which works for a moderate level of activity:
15 3 * * * php /full/path/to/parallel-flickr/bin/backup_faves.php
30 3 * * * php /full/path/to/parallel-flickr/bin/backup_photos.php
+Using Amazon's S3 service for storing photos (and metadata files)
+parallel-flickr is able to store your photos and metadata files using Amazon's
+S3 storage service.
+Setting up an Amazon account and getting an Amazon Web Services (AWS) API key
+and secret are out of scope for this document (there are lots of good howtos on
+Amazon's own site and the Internet at large) but once you do it's easily to
+configure parallel-flickr to use S3. Specifically, you just need to add the
+following settings to `config.php` file:
+ $GLOBALS['cfg']['enable_feature_storage_s3'] = 1;
+ $GLOBALS['cfg']['amazon_s3_access_key'] = 'YER_AWS_ACCESS_KEY';
+ $GLOBALS['cfg']['amazon_s3_secret_key'] = 'YER_AWS_SECRET_KEY';
+ $GLOBALS['cfg']['amazon_s3_bucket_name'] = 'A_NAME_LIKE_MY_FLICKR_PHOTOS';
Automagic backing up of your photos (using the Flickr PuSH feeds)
@@ -70,19 +88,62 @@ from Flickr.
By default this functionality is disabled default because in order to use it
you need to ensure that the directory specified in the
$GLOBALS['cfg']['flickrstatic_path'] config variable is writeable by the web
-server. To enable the PuSH features you'll need to update the following in your
+server. _Another way to deal with the probem of permissions is just to use Amazon's S3
+service to store your photos, described above._
+To enable the PuSH features you'll need to update the following settings in your
config file:
$GLOBALS['cfg']['flickr_push'] = 1;
$GLOBALS['cfg']['flickr_push_backups'] = 1;
+The easiest way to enable PuSH backups is to go to the Flickr backups account
+page (on your version of parallel-flickr). That is:
+If you've never setup backups before and the `flickr_push` configs described
+above have been enabled then PuSH backups will be enabled at the same time that
+backups (for your photos, your faves, etc.) are registered.
+Not all backup types are valid PuSH backup types (like your contact list, for
+If you have enabled "poor man's god auth"
+[in the config file](
+ (described above) then there is also a "god" page that will list all the PuSH subscription
+registered for user backups and other features at this URL:
-Note that you'll need to have poor man's god auth enabled,
-[in the config file](,
-for that 'god' URL to work.
+From here you can create or delete individual PuSH feeds, although the tools are
+still feature incomplete. Specifically, it is not yet possible to register new
+feeds with arguments (like a tag or a user ID).
+Poor Man's God Auth
+Poor man's god auth is nothing more than a series of checks to restrict access
+to certain parts of the website to a list of logged in users and the "roles"
+they have assigned. It works but it would be a mistake to consider it "secure".
+To enable poor man's god auth you will need to add the following settings to
+your config file.
+ $GLOBALS['cfg']['auth_enable_poormans_god_auth'] = 1;
+ $GLOBALS['cfg']['auth_poormans_god_auth'] = array(
+ # poormans god auth is keyed off a user's (parallel-flickr)
+ # user ID, that is the primary key in the `db_main:Users`
+ # table
+ 100 => array(
+ 'roles' => array( 'admin' ),
+ ),
+ );
+Currently the only role that parallel-flickr uses is "admin".

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