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Fix push backup docs config #22

merged 2 commits into from about 2 years ago

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Nolan Caudill Aaron Straup Cope
Nolan Caudill

Just fixed a typo with the account backup info page and added the 2 new config options to enable PuSH backup to config.php.example.

Aaron Straup Cope straup merged commit a35fd89 into from
Aaron Straup Cope straup closed this
Aaron Straup Cope
straup commented

Actually, I am going to remove those two new configs because they are already there. Specifically:

Are you reacting to the addition of the features_is|ensure_enabled functions which accepts a truncated version of the feature flag? If so then that's probably a good indication of Creeping Magic and I will remove the code that appends missing "feature_enabled_" prefixes:

Nolan Caudill

I think this was more of had another issue and then I noticed those configs in the README it was there so I added it, but regardless the feature_enabled is actually pretty nice sugar for feature flags.

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  1. +1 1 
  2. +3 0  www/include/config.php.example
2 
Source Rendered
@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ config file:
100 100 The easiest way to enable PuSH backups is to go to the Flickr backups account
101 101 page (on your version of parallel-flickr). That is:
102 102
103   -
  103 +
104 104
105 105 If you've never setup backups before and the `flickr_push` configs described
106 106 above have been enabled then PuSH backups will be enabled at the same time that
3  www/include/config.php.example
@@ -166,6 +166,9 @@
166 166
167 167 $GLOBALS['cfg']['enable_feature_flickr_push_backups'] = 0;
168 168
  169 + $GLOBALS['cfg']['flickr_push'] = 0;
  170 + $GLOBALS['cfg']['flickr_push_backups'] = 0;
  171 +
169 172 #
170 173 # Things you may want to tweak (Solr)
171 174 #

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