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Add search to parallel-flickr using Solr (3.4).

This works but needs better documentation (read: you'll need to be familiar with Solr if you want to do anything in the meantime.)

Quick start

From inside the parallel-flickr/solr directory type:

java -Dsolr.solr.home=. -Dsolr.solr.cores=. -jar start.jar

This will start a Solr endpoint for parallel-flickr on port 9999. You can query it by typing:

curl http://localhost:9999/solr/parallel-flickr/select?q=*:*

What's going on here?

  • start.jar is the thing that starts Solr

  • start.jar is going to spin up a web server using Jetty on port 9999; you can change the port number in parallel-flickr/solr/etc/jetty.xml.

  • start.jar is going to look for a file called solr.xml in the solr.solr.home directory. Its presence will indicate that Solr is being run in "multicore" mode. If you don't know what that means don't worry other than to know that the solr.xml file is where Solr will look for details about what to load next.

  • See the solr.solr.cores flag we're passing? That's going to be referenced from a bunch of files that have or are about to be loaded. Solr doesn't try to be overly clever about where to look for things so it's best just to be explicit.

  • The solr.xml file looks like this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

    <solr persistent="false"> <cores adminPath="/admin/cores"> <core name="parallel-flickr" instanceDir="${solr.solr.cores}/parallel-flickr" /> </cores> </solr>

  • If you look carefully you'll see there isn't a default solr.xml file, because it is explicitly prevented from being checked in to git for security and privacy reasons. You will need to copy the solr.xml.example file instead.

  • Then, start.jar will look for a directory in ${solr.solr.cores}/parallel-flickr called "conf" which contains a bunch of config files specific to the parallel-flickr index (or "core"). There are two you care about right now: schema.xml and solrconfig.xml.

  • The first contains information about what gets indexed. The second contains information about how that index is stored and queried. It is also where you tell Solr where to store the index on disk. By default that is:


  • In order to use Solr you'll need to enable it in your config file with the following configs:

    $GLOBALS['cfg']['enable_feature_solr'] = 1;

    $GLOBALS['cfg']['solr_endpoint'] = 'http://localhost:9999/solr/parallel-flickr/';

  • To index (or re-index) exsiting data that you've imported from Flickr you will need to run the backfill_solr_index_photos.php script, like this:

    $> php -q ./bin/backfill_solr_index_photos.php

  • start.jar will launch Solr as a "foreground" application. If you want to run it as a proper "background" service take a look at the init.d/ file.


Solr doesn't have any kind of built-in authorization or authentication model so you should be careful not to run it on a port that is accessible to the public Internet. If you do and a bad person discovers it they will be able to freely read and write to your Solr database.

To do:

  • A pretty fierce stop word list for indexing

See also:

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