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Configuring (local) uploads by email

Set up an A record for the domain you're running parallel-flickr. You may want to set up something like photos.YOUR-DOMAIN to account for the fact that the default set up creates a catch-all address for upload-by-email handlers.

First ensure that your domain is listed in /etc/postfix/main.cf. Like this:

virtual_alias_domains = photos.YOU-DOMAIN
virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual

See that second line? It's important. In your /etc/postfix/virtual file add the following:

# replace example.com with your domain
example.com anything
@example.com upload@localhost

And then in /etc/aliases add the following:

upload: "| /usr/bin/php -q /path/to/parallel-flickr/bin/upload_by_email.php"

See what's going on? Anything sent to your domain will be forwarded to the virtual upload user on your current machine. That's where the aliases filed kicks in. It says: Send the contents of messages (delivered to user upload) to the parallel-flickr upload-by-email handlers.

Writing files to disk

This is where it gets a bit complicated if you're running parallel-flickr in 'local' mode (where you are not actually sending photos to Flickr first). Specifically, the documentation for Postfix says:

"For security reasons, deliveries to command and file destinations are performed with the rights of the alias database owner."

So no matter who you define there, it's going to run as default_privs user because the alias db itself is owned by root. That means your choices are:

1) modify your pipe to run under sudo, and give nobody sudo privs to run it as the required user, NOPASSWD

2) define a top-level alias that delivers to your desired user, and set up an .forward file in that user's home directory that actually executes the pipe

3) Use storagemaster

See also