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Installing parallel-ogram

parallel-ogram is built on top of Flamework which means it's nothing more than a vanilla Apache + PHP + MySQL application. You can run it as a dedicated virtual host or as a subdirectory of an existing host.

You will need to make a copy of the config.php.example file and name it config.php. You will need to update this new file and add the various specifics for databases and third-party APIs.

The basics

# You will need valid Instagram OAuth credentials
# See also:

$GLOBALS['cfg']['instagram_oauth_key'] = '';
$GLOBALS['cfg']['instagram_oauth_secret'] = '';

# Don't change this (but if you do be sure to update the main
# .htaccess file accordingly).

$GLOBALS['cfg']['instagram_oauth_callback'] = 'auth/';

# You will need to setup a MySQL database and plug in the specifics
# here:

# See also:

$GLOBALS['cfg']['db_main'] = array(
    'host' => 'localhost',
    'name' => 'parallelogram',
    'user' => 'parallelogram',
    'pass' => '',
    'auto_connect' => 1,

# You will need to set up secrets for the various parts of the site
# that need to use encrypted cookies. Don't leave these empty. Really.

# You can create new secrets by typing `make secret`.
# See also:

$GLOBALS['cfg']['crypto_cookie_secret'] = '';
$GLOBALS['cfg']['crypto_crumb_secret'] = '';
$GLOBALS['cfg']['crypto_password_secret'] = '';

# Backups - by default anyone who knows where your copy of
# parallel-ogram is (on the Internet) could register to have
# their photos (and likes) backed up on your machine. If you
# don't want to let anyone else backup their photos then you
# should disable the 'enable_feature_backups_registration' flag.
# If you want to limit who can register take a look at the invite
# code flags below.

$GLOBALS['cfg']['enable_feature_backups'] = 1;
$GLOBALS['cfg']['enable_feature_backups_registration'] = 1;

# This is where your Instagram photos will be stored
# It should have a trailing slash e.g. /usr/local/parallelogram-static/

$GLOBALS['cfg']['instagram_static_path'] = ''

Limiting access (invite codes and "god" auth)

# Invite codes – these are used to limit who can register
# to have their photos backed up. You'll need to do a
# few things to get this working:

# 1) enable the feature flags below for invite codes and
#    god auth (which is explained below)

# 2) generate a new secret for encrypting invite cookies

# 3) set up poorman's 'god auth' – basically this is just
#    restricting access to a list of logged in user using
#    cookies; it works but I wouldn't call it "secure"

# Once that's done you can manage or create new invites
# here:

# $GLOBALS['cfg']['abs_root_url']/god/invites/
# $GLOBALS['cfg']['abs_root_url']/god/invites/generate/

# In addition, if a user tries to go to the backup page
# ($GLOBALS['cfg']['abs_root_url']/account/instagram/backups)
# they'll got stopped by an invite code wall which will
# allow them to request an invite code but you'll still
# need to send it manually (by pressing a button on the
# god page).

# A word about "sending" invites: It is assumed that your
# server it set up to send email. If it's not then the
# problem is sort of out of scope for this project. The
# alternative is to generate the invite code and then
# just copy/paste it someone in plain old email client.

$GLOBALS['cfg']['enable_feature_invite_codes'] = 0;

$GLOBALS['cfg']['crypto_invite_secret'] = '';

$GLOBALS['cfg']['auth_enable_poormans_god_auth'] = 0;

$GLOBALS['cfg']['auth_poormans_god_auth'] = array(

# They are keyed off a user's 'id' from the 'users'
# table in db_main. If you're wondering: Yes, that
# means you'll need to look at the database at least
# once to see your user ID. I may display this in
# future versions of the account page(s) but right
# now I don't so it remains a bit of a chicken and
# egg problem. Not hard just not elegant yet.

#   '0' => array(
#       'roles' => array('admin')
#   ),


Remaining details

# This is only relevant if are running parallel-ogram on a machine where you
# can not make the www/templates_c folder writeable by the web server. If that's
# the case set this to 0 but remember that you'll need to pre-compile all
# of your templates before they can be used by the site.
# See also:

$GLOBALS['cfg']['smarty_compile'] = 1;

That's it. Or should be. If I've forgotten something please let me know or submit a pull request.

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