These are my tools for working with XML Resume documents.
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These are my tools for working with XML Resume documents. They produce the stuff you see over here.

I wrote a Makefile to hide all the boring details and I run it like this:

make all RESUME=/path/to/resume-en.xml NAME=aaronstraupcope

This creates 5 copies of my resume: A plain-text version, an HTML version (with an inline stylesheet), an XML version and two PDF versions one of which contains personal information and references and another which does not.

(By default personal information and references are removed from all other formats.)

The files are created in xmlresume-tools/build directory.


You will need the xsltproc tool which seems to come pre-installed on most machines today. If not it is installed as part of the libxml library. You will also need a copy of the Java interpreter for generating PDF files.

That should be it.

To do

  • Use Bootstrap for .html resume
  • Make the .txt resume output Markdown (maybe?)
  • Make the .fo resume work with current versions of Fop (or consider just using wkpdf?)