The HTML5 Canvas version of the old Borland C++ game "Achtung die Kurve".
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Achtung die Kurve (Online Demo)


This is a browser game entirely written in JavaScript. The concept is based on a game called "Achtung die Kurve" what is a very old Borland C++ game. It's also known under the name "Zatacka".

In this game you play a line which can be controlled by any device, usually the keyboard. The line is constantly moving forward so the player has only control over the direction of the line. As long as you don't hit any other player or the border your line is constantly growing which will eventually lead to a situation where you can't go anywhere without crashing someone or something.


The documentation describes how to implement Achtung die Kurve on your very own website. There is also a online demo!


David Strauß (
Mathias Paumgarten (