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React Hackathon - 24 hours

Project 2 General Assembly - React frontend 'Reacathon'

We created a frontend webapp which consumes the rest api of a podcast search service called Listen notes -

It has a search, get random podcast and a list of popular podcasts which the user can listen to online directly from within our app.

alt text


Build a React application that consumes a public API.

Your app must:

  • Consume a public API – this could be anything but it must make sense for your project.
  • Have several components - At least one classical and one functional.
  • The app should include a router - with several "pages".
  • Include wireframes - that you designed before building the app.
  • Have semantically clean HTML - you make sure you write HTML that makes structural sense rather than thinking about how it might look, which is the job of CSS.
  • Be deployed online and accessible to the public.

Technologies Used

  • React

  • NPM

  • HTML5

  • Insomnia


  • JavaScript (ES6)

  • Git/GitHub

  • Google Fonts


Our first step was to choose the public api we wanted to consume. This proved to be one of the most time-consuming, challenging tasks. We initially looked at music, movies and even stock/finance apis. None of these met our criteria of being; easy to user/understand, easy/fast access without waiting for a response from the internal dev teams, and the right endpoints being available with interesting services.

After more research, we found the Listen Notes API for Podcasts - We got a token quickly and the api was simple enough to understand and test within the docs. It also has interesting endpoints which offered search functionality, random podcasts, and a curated, most popular list of podcasts.

We tested the apis first to make sure we could receive the right data back and then we proceeded to build out the Home page, which would also be where the search input form would be and the search results would appear. Then we added a show page so the user could go into a specific search result and be able to listen to the audio directly on this show page.

alt text

Afterwards we created the random podcast page and its subsequent show page, and then the popular list of podcasts. This popular list was a bit more complicated to access as the actual episodes with audio was nested within each 'parent' podcast wo we needed to map through the array of popular podcasts and grab the data we needed.

alt text

alt text

We then styled and added a navbar routing.

How to install project

  • Fork project and download into local folder
  • Run 'npm i' to install dependencies

Major hurdles

*Biggest hurdle at the start was choosing the right project direction and API - We looked at many different apis; Spotify, Deezer, Last FM, MovieDB, Etoro, Yahoo finance...We spent a lot of time researching and choosing the right API but in the end we settled on Listen Notes API.

Future version

  • Splitting the home page and search results to two different views/components
  • Adding more functionality for filtered and sorted searches.
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