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C3 Protect

Welcome to the homepage for C3 Protect!

This is where all of the content for the BigFix.Me C3 Protect site resides.


For Customer’s using C3 in production we highly recommend the BigFix.Me Sync Tool. All you have to do is setup the tool, subscribe to the C3 sites you’re interested in, and tell the tool to sync those sites locally. You will always have the latest versions of content distributed and you can start benefiting from the content right away!


Content in this site includes:

  • Applocker Application Whitelisting Fixlets and Analyses - Setup Guide
  • Avast Antivirus Fixlets and Analyses
  • Bitlocker Fixlets and Analyses - Setup Guide
  • Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit - Setup Guide
  • FileVault 2 Fixlets and Analyses - Setup Guide
  • Firewall Fixlets and Analyses
  • Trusted Platform Module Fixlets and Analyses
  • Windows Cached Credentials Probe and analysis - Setup Guide

Having issues?

If you're having issues with the content feel free to create issues in the repository or contact me on the BigFix forum.

Want to contribute

Feel free to make a pull request with any changes or fixes to the content in this site.