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CPU simulation Unity game
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Play live demo


  • Make register retriever

  • Make memory retriever

  • Memory retriever must take arg of how many values to read

  • Write address value to instruction register

  • Fire load a instruction

  • Fire load b instruction

  • Fire add instruction

  • ProgramCounter dot

  • Money display

  • MoneyController

  • Memory reads cause a loss of money

  • Red flash / green flash

  • Static colored cell

  • Rework program execution

  • Enter press queues halt if pressed while running

  • small preview for requested number

  • On halt, check if any colored cells are fulfilled, and add money

  • On halt, if cells partially filled, remove money

  • On halt, colored blocks of cells fail, remain untouched, or succeed

  • On halt, green flash for success, and money

  • On halt, red flash for incomplete, and lose money

  • Add colors to JobController

  • Start button in bottom left

  • Changes to End on press

  • Click event places initial colored squares

  • Halt button in bottom right

  • Free play prior to start button press

  • Halt button only active when program running

  • Halt fee is a percentage of your current money. Free if negative

  • Locked cells

  • Manual write to locked cell should fail (no write to colored cell)

  • Prevent edit of cells during execution

  • Remove selected cell highlight during execution

  • Pause menu "p" to show instructions

  • Show player score on End

  • FIX: disable pressing end when process is executing

  • FIX: disable controls when in the ending state

  • Spark effect when colored cells appear

  • White flash on cell edit

  • cash_pos

  • cash_neg

  • Halt

  • Win

  • Tock

  • Random program button in free play

  • FIX: Bug on instruction wrap-around from last index

  • FIX: index out of range on load, store, etc...

  • left/right arrow sound

  • consider light background soundtrack

  • length-four color block that gains in value

  • Put enter key to run program in help menu

  • FIX: 6 or 7 will probably throw an exception on being run

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