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Kisskiss - Unpacker for various Android packers/protectors

Basic example of an easy unpacker for Android. Heavily commented so hopefully people can understand the flow and thinking behind the hacks going on.

Currently supports:

  • Bangcle (SecNeo)
  • APKProtect
  • LIAPP (prerelease demo)
  • Qihoo Android Packers
  • Jaigu

This should work on ARM and x86 devices. Please note that ptrace can and often is disabled or messed up on newer SELinux devices. You should either use a device/emulator which does not have SELinux enabled or disable it prior to ruinning this.


The only prerequisite for the unpacker to build is to have the Android NDK installed.


  1. Compile: (Assumes the NDK was properly installed and PATH variable updated, see link above)
      $ make
  1. Push to the device
      $ make install
  1. Run the APK to unpack and then run the unpacker
      $adb shell ./data/local/tmp/kisskiss com.package.name.to.unpack

Follow the outputs instructions and pull the odex, deodex as needed and enjoy reversing!