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This is the code to accompany the blog I wrote, Reversing GO binaries like a pro (in IDA Pro). There is also the hello-go directory which contains the simple hello world code I used as an example.

Important notes

If you're using IDA Pro 7.3 or below, you likely will need to take a look at the older release tagged IDA-7.3-and-Below. This is due to changes in the IDA Python libraries which where introduced in 7.4 which do not look to be backwards compatible.


  • Support IDA Pro 7.5 w/ Python3 (tested with a go1.13.6 and go1.14.4 binary on IDA 7.5.200519 Linux x86_64)
  • Support IDA Pro 7.4
  • Retain IDA Pro 7.3 support via old release taggin
  • Convert all code to Python3 syntax
  • Get all code style into the same format
  • Clean up imports due to IDA Python changes