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Copyright Daniel Hutmacher under Creative Commons 4.0 license with attribution.

Source: http://sqlsunday.com/downloads/

DISCLAIMER: This script may not be suitable to run in a production environment. I cannot assume any responsibility regarding the accuracy of the output information, performance impacts on your server, or any other consequence. If your juristiction does not allow for this kind of waiver/disclaimer, or if you do not accept these terms, you are NOT allowed to store, distribute or use this code in any way.


EXECUTE sp_ctrl3 {object name}

SHORTCUT: In SQL Server Management Studio, go to Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Keyboard -> Query Shortcuts.

On a shortcut location of your choice, enter the following code, with the trailing space, without the quotes: "EXECUTE sp_ctrl3 ". To use, highlight the name of an object and press that keyboard shortcut. You may have to open a new query for the change to take effect. Also, objects denoted by schema (with a dot) need to be enclosed in quotes for this to work in older versions of SSMS.