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Get to Statsd: forward simple statistics to a statsd server
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Get to Statsd: forward simple statistics to a statsd server.

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g2s provides a Statsd object, which provides some convenience functions for each of the supported statsd statistic-types. Just call the relevant function on the Statsd object wherever it makes sense in your code.

sd, err := g2s.NewStatsd("statsd-server:8125")
if err != nil {
    // do something

sd.IncrementCounter("my.silly.counter", 1)
sd.SendTiming("my.silly.slow-process", 534)
sd.SendSampledTiming("", 7, 0.1)
sd.UpdateGauge("my.silly.status", "green")

All 'update'-class functions are goroutine safe. They should return quickly, but they're safe to fire in a seperate goroutine.

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