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Stream to Array

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Concatenate a readable stream's data into a single array.

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var toArray = require('stream-to-array')

toArray([stream], [callback(err, arr)])

Returns all the data objects in an array. This is useful for streams in object mode if you want to just use an array.

var stream = new Stream.Readable()
toArray(stream, function (err, arr) {

If stream is not defined, it is assumed that this is a stream.

var stream = new Stream.Readable()
stream.toArray = toArray
stream.toArray(function (err, arr) {


If callback is not defined, then it is assumed that it is being yielded within a generator.

function* () {
  var stream = new Stream.Readable()
  stream.toArray = toArray
  var arr = yield stream.toArray()

If you want to return a buffer, just use Buffer.concat(arr)

var stream = new Stream.Readable()
var arr = yield toArray(stream)
var buffer = Buffer.concat(arr)
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