The adapter of Ring for Vert.x
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The adapter of Ring for Vert.x

This project dependency lib of io.vertx/clojure-api

Simply example:

;;we use Compojure as router 
(defroutes app
   (GET "/" [] "<h1>Hello World</h1>")
   (route/not-found "<h1>Page not found</h1>"))
(ring-vertx/run-vertx-web (http/server) app "localhost" 8080)

full example see src/example/http_server.

Run with Vert.x

Well, default example of running ring-vertx-adapter is embeded. if you wanna it run with vertx's command such as vertx run core.clj. you should know something.

  • Includes some lib to your verticle I recommend run this adapter with vert.x module, you could clone this project then install it with lein install, get the jar of ring-vertx-adapter to your lib of module, as well as some other lib your dependecy.

  • Use repl to startup your project. It is very common that run project of clojure with repl in lein, But i have not yet enought time to make a plugin to wrap vert.x's clojure as a module in lein. so you could refer example of repl to startup it.

Well, you also could use command run directly if you set classpath.

vertx run core.clj -cp classes:lib/ring-vertx-adapter.jar